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At Negotiator Finance we aim to provide the very best service for our clients. If you are unhappy regarding any aspect of our service, we have an internal resolution process in place to assist and resolve any complaint.

Point Of Contact For A Complaint
Complaints Officer -  Gregg Mountford (Director)    Tel: 0411 233 293
The Complaints Officer has the necessary experience and authority to handle your complaint and make relevant decisions on outcomes. You can be assured that any complaint will be thoroughly looked into and dealt with promptly.

The complaint may be presented to us by any reasonable means.

You can also contact us on:
Email -
Fax -   08 9221 1680

Negotiator Finance does not charge any fee regarding any complaint made.

We will promptly acknowledge the receipt of your complaint in writing, unless the complaint is otherwise resolved in the meantime.

We will ensure that a substantive response is given to your complaint as soon as possible, but within twenty one (21) days of receipt of your complaint.

If we cannot respond within this time, we will inform you of the reasons for the delay and of your right to refer the complaint to COSL.

We will, when determining an appropriate remedy, take into consideration the extent of loss or damage suffered by you, relevant legal principles of conduct, concepts of fairness and relevant industry best practice.

We will review our Resolution Process every three (3) years to ensure that our complaint system is operating effectively.